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Game Designer

I am a seasoned game designer for numerous platforms with experience in designing game systems, such as UI, puzzle, combat, item and rule sets, through all stages of game development from conception to GM submission.

I possess strong technical skills, team leadership skills, and communication skills—both oral and written—with multidisciplinary groups (design, engineering, art, and production), peers, and external testing groups.

MLB Dream Nine



    Dual primary roles: Develop design pitch power points and prototypes & Game Design on a Live Free-to-Play project.

    Pitch Design

    Develop potential game concepts (i.e. pitches) each in an easy to comprehend PowerPoint presentation focusing on High-Level design concepts. Pitches targeted toward mobile (iOS) and social platforms (Facebook).
    • Required extensive use MS Office Suite, focusing on PowerPoint and Visio.
    • Direct Art when assets were required for inclusion into PowerPoint docs.
    • Develop Competitor Analyses focused on key design features/mechanics as well as create game & monetization flow documents and ARM models for each competitor.
    • Develop table-top/paper prototypes for several projects.
    • Work with coders to develop digital prototypes; direct art focused on design requirements; develop level-layout designs and audio assets.
    • Designer of the winning prototype of a studio ‘Game Jam’ requiring small teams to deliver - with accompanied PowerPoint pitch - an on-device (iOS) playable prototype fully developed in 2-weeks!

    MLB Dream Nine (Live Ops)
    • Design & implement events, campaigns, sales, & other content to support Live Ops on game.
    • Design & implement new and/or upgraded features to enhance player experience to drive up retention & monetization while retaining emphasis on Free-to-Play experience.
    • Track and report daily KPI data & trends to superiors.
    • Support CS with determining validity of customer complaints using back-end tools and resolve those complaints accordingly.
    • Member of small team overseeing Community Management of the game’s Fanpage, primarily dealing with general announcements & CS related fan comments.
    • Develop QA Test Plans for new features in addition to being the primary contact between the studio’s internal (but offsite) QA group and the developers.


XBox 360 & PS3

    Namco Bandai Games America, Inc.

    On both projects, oversaw the design and development of audio from a game design perspective—coordinated designers, production, engineers, internal audio technicians, and external audio-development resources; as well as determined and managed audio-asset requirements per project.

    • Assessed third-party audio technologies (Wwise, FMod, etc.) and then designed/developed a suitable audio/Maya pipeline.
    • Designed a series of tools (Maya objects) that integrated Wwise into the pipeline such that designers and audio technicians could easily implement audio into the project.
    • Oversaw communications between Engineering, Design, and Audio departments regarding problems with audio pipeline as well as key member for determination and testing of appropriate solutions.
    • Managed data structure & asset stability in Wwise/Maya/Excel and developed standard implementation practices (naming conventions, documentation, etc.)

    Afro Samurai
    • Determined and worked closely with engineers on improvements to existing audio pipeline that allowed for easier tracking of audio-assets and implementation thereof.
Afro Samurai

XBox 360 & PS3

"Family Action Title"


    Locomotives Games / THQ

    I was involved in all facets of design throughout lifetime of the projects: Pitch, GDD & TDD docs, Implementation, Localization, and Testing.

    Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed
    • Conceived and designed several key systems for each of the 3 avatars (Crypto, Big Willy, and Flying Saucer), including weapon systems, movement, and transition between each.
    • Designed UI flow for the project; prioritizing the end user experience as well as appropriate Sony & Nintendo technical requirement checklists. After which, worked closely with the UI artist/engineer implementing the design and refining the system.
    • Optimized the UI flow into a standardized UI flow facilitating easy, consistent, and adaptable implementation of UI into future projects.
    • Designed, prototyped, and implemented co-op Multiplayer missions.

    • Designed and prototyped puzzle game elements tailored to and actionable by the player’s avatar (i.e. a car)—such as speed-booster pads, jumps, ‘push-able’ objects, etc.—and how they would affect driving and player controls.

      PSP Greatest Hits with Over 1 Million units sold in 14 languages!

    Power Rangers: Dino Thunder
    • Designed the Power Game Mode Mini-Game System that consisted of six unique mini-game challenges—one type per Dino Zord—that correlated to the Zord’s stats (strengths, weaknesses, and overall character). After which, designed a method to ramp each mini-game challenge across all levels such that they became more difficult as the player advanced, but also remained relatively the same-difficulty compared to the other mini-games challenges located on the same level. There were a total of 48 Power Game Mode mini-games in all.

      Winner (and top 10 game) of's 1st Annual 2004 Video Game of the Year

Destroy All Humans:
Big Willy Unleashed




Power Rangers:
Dino Thunder


Resist or Serve


    Black Ops Entertainment

    X-Files: Resist or Serve
    • Designed, implemented, and scripted levels in Autodesk 3ds Max.
    • Implemented all environmental sound F/X and trigger objects across all levels.
    • Managed internal bug database for audio bugs.

    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
    • Self-taught 3DS Max Script, then designed and developed a set of tools that designers used to maximize efficiency, including automation of export/build process, debugging tools, and a tool that streamlined creation of new levels, etc.
    • Responsible for the design and implementation of the initial prototype level.
    • Designed, implemented, and scripted levels in Autodesk 3ds Max.
    • Created new base-levels and integrated them into the build/file structure for all team members.
    • Added/modified animation banks and scripted objects.
    • Trained new designers on the pipeline and tools.

Terminator 3:
Rise of the Machines

XBox 360 & PS2

Eye of the Beholder


Lead Level
    Pronto Games

  • Designed, implemented, and ramped enemy AI stats, puzzles, and itemization of premium loot for the entire game.
  • Designed and developed a system (and related tool) that automatically accounted for enemy type/strength and XP as the player progressed; which allowed efficient difficulty ramping of all encounters, puzzles, and items.
  • Completely designed and implemented 70% of the levels, and improved/optimized the remainder.
  • Managed level database (linked to game via proprietary tool) & QA database.
  • Managed all design assets (digital & hardcopy).
Portal Runner


Level Layout
    The 3DO Company

  • Designed a system—an Excel Spreadsheet coupled with Macros and Visual Basic—to track audio assets across the UI (front-end/pause-menu), levels, ‘worlds’, enemy AI, and character-avatars based on the specified needs of everyone using the assets on the project. Further, with the assistance of Engineering and Localization, designed and developed a tool that used the Spreadsheet to auto-generate all of the necessary sound banks using only the audio assets actually used in-game; thus greatly improving the build process and reducing the sound bank memory footprints.
  • Found and repurposed a “low-grade” engineering bug as an effective tool for design and implementation of complex puzzles the game-engine would otherwise not have been able to do. After prototyping a puzzle using the exploit and the new system designed around it, worked with Engineering to ‘clean-up’ the bug and then instructed fellow designers on how to use the new system.
  • Responsible for all Audio Design Planning for the project. Coordinated Designers, Engineering, Localization, & Audio/Visual Specialists to develop and implement audio assets for the project.
  • Designed and implemented several levels—including designing, prototyping, and implementing several complex puzzles.
  • Heavily involved in Sony submission document, GDD, TDD, game-play design, and enemy behavior design.
Legends of the Five Rings


    Engineering Animation Inc.

  • Prototyped numerous levels on paper for project.
  • Wrote documentation describing level, environment, puzzles, encounters, and special events.
  • Worked within constraints of over-arching plot to develop goals per level.
  • Leveraged my expertise with table top Role Playing Games to develop intriguing game play.
Small Soldiers:
Globotech Design Labs


QA Lead
    Engineering Animation Inc.

  • Worked closely with Production & External "1st-party" Developers, providing both with detailed bug reports
  • Wrote Quality Assurance Test Plan (for entire company across all development studios)
  • Developed and maintained all Bug Databases
  • Scooby-Doo: Responsible for researching art assets, synching animations, and object bounding box creation.
Mystery of the FunPark Phantom


Murder at Boddy Mansion


Gigantic Adventure




    Engineering Animation Inc.

  • Tested for bugs in all aspects of the project: game play (primarily), UI, sound, art, etc.
  • Wrote detailed bug report per bug detailing the bug and the steps to repeat the bug.
  • Regressed bugs (both mine & others) to determine if still valid.
  • worked closely with developers artists, engineers, designers, & producers.
Lost Mines


Dukes of Hazard:
Racing for Home